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openslp: OpenSLP implementation of Service Location Protocol V2

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Version:1.2.0 License:BSD
Release:4 URL:
Service Location Protocol is an IETF standards track protocol that provides a framework to allow networking applications to discover the existence, location, and configuration of networked services in enterprise networks. OpenSLP is an open source implementation of the SLPv2 protocol as defined by RFC 2608 and RFC 2614.

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Build Date:Wed Apr 27 14:35:40 2005
Packager:Karanbir Singh <kbsingh{%}karan{*}org>
Size:544 KiB


* Mon Jul 19 13:00:00 2004 Rex Dieter <rexdieter at> 0:1.2.0-0.fdr.4
- BR: flex
* Fri Jul 16 13:00:00 2004 Rex Dieter <rexdieter at> 0:1.2.0-0.fdr.3
- BR: bison
* Thu Jul 15 13:00:00 2004 Rex Dieter <rexdieter at> 0:1.2.0-0.fdr.2
- fix/add condrestart to init script

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